Storyville tells stories. There is a technique to telling a story, an art to telling stories. Storyville is a storyteller.
But what kind of stories does it tell?


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summer solstice, 21 june 2018

Alex Prager: Crowd Control on

Alex Prager in her latest short film, Face in the Crowd allows viewers to witness the before and after of one of her saccharine-coated, Golden Era-indebted photographs. The melodramatic clip has echoes of the last scene in Fellini's 8 ½ and sees 30 Rock actress Elizabeth Banks play an all-American beauty observing a cast of exhibitionist characters before finding herself thrust among them.


Meteorite di nome Willamette

Meteorite di nome Willamette

Il più grande meteorite trovato negli stati uniti, non è servito a nulla

Antanas Sutkus "Simone et Jean Paul"

Antanas Sutkus

nostalgia for bare feet

Storyville on Vimeo

Fausto Melotti

Fausto Melotti

Potenza di un geniale moscerino

Je ne vois pas la cachée dans la foret

Je ne vois pas la cachée dans la foret

M. Magritte ritrae...